****Topmast Amber Hills of Scotland**** Great Hunting Dog Extraordinaire

Katie getting her bird Fall 2019

Katie and Logan watching the ducks come in Fall 2019

Katie and her very successful duck hunt

Em and Katie watching the ducks come in


Katie (Ms Gray-Blue) lives with George and Beth Gibson, NJ.  She joins her Aunt Emma, Chime's litter-mate, in becoming a great hunting dog with lots of birds at the hunt club.

George has such wonderful things to say about what a great hunting dog Katie has become.  She fears nothing and will charge in to briers, thickets, and partially frozen creeks to get her pheasants.  She shows no mercy to the labs at the hunt club, racing and getting to the pheasants before them.  And she doesn't share!


Katie and her Aunt Emma retrieving

Katie and her first pheasant

Katie and her lab friend tugging on whose pheasant it is.....Katie won!