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Sept 3, 2017

A big congratulations goes out to Barbara Verga and Perri from the Traveling Litter.
Today they finished their MACH, and yesterday they qualified for the ADHF!!!
What a team they are.


Perri (Ms Orange) joined Barbara and Tony Verga and half-brother Bing on Long Island, NY.  They have been joined now with their nephew Dean, from the Audeo-Topmast Litter.  

Perri is doing obedience and agility with Barbara.

Perri gets her name for Tony and Barbara's love for Bing Crosby (big brother Bing's name) and Perry Como.  Perri is a girl, so we gave her an 'i' instead of 'y', which also matches Momma Abbi's name too.


December 14, 2015

Perri and Barbara finish their C-ATCH!!  Wahoo!  What a team they have become!

January 20, 2013

Perri completes her Utility Dog (UD) title!!  What a great accomplishment.  This is Barbara's second UD on her dogs, the first one is Perri's big half-brother Bing.  Two UD's in the family and both Abbi's offspring!

Way to go, little girl!!

8 weeks

Going Home

Practicing straight fronts in her new backyard

One year old

Christmas 2009