**********Gaylan's Drummer Boy********** CD RE MH30 MX MXJ WCX CCA VCX


Qualified for the 2010 & 2011 AKC Master Retriever National

          CD RE MH30 MX MXJ 
      WCX CCA VCX 
     April 28, 2005
    Owned by Linda Lowy, OH

            Pedigree and Clearances                    
  Shiloh (Mr Light Blue) joined Linda and her other golden Montana in Ohio and was competing in agility, obedience, rally, and hunt tests.  They are having fun doing all kinds of activities together.

 Shiloh, Gaylan's Drummer Boy, was named after Johnnie Shiloh, the civil war drummer boy from Ohio.

Congratulations to Shiloh and Linda on Shiloh getting THIRTY Master Hunter passes!!!  He was expertly handled by Mitch at the hunt tests. All that hard work and training that Linda and Mitch have done with him has really paid off. Shiloh qualified for the Master National three times. 


Shiloh has qualified for the three AKC Master Nationals!!!  WAHOO!!!  We are so proud of Shiloh and Linda and his trainer Mitch White!!!

Beautiful boy

Baby Shiloh sitting on the patio furniture

Momma Abbi and Shiloh

Playing in the blue paint

Such a handsome young boy

Growing up

Celebrating his birthday with a new leash

Linda and Shiloh getting a JH leg

Momma Abbi and Shiloh finishing their JH's together

Practicing startline stay

Wow, can this boy jump!

Blasting from the tunnel!

Heading for the contact zone.

What a good boy!

Here he comes!

Bringing back the pigeon for the WCX

He's got his pigeon!

Three years old and looking very handsome.