*********Topmast Nina Travelyn Girl********* UD OM1 BN GO

4 years old


Nina (Ms Rose) first moved to Long Island, NY, to join Mary Ellen Moyse and her other golden Abby.  They have now moved to South Carolina.   Nina is doing Therapy work, obedience, and tracking.

Nina finished her UD the end of November 2014, handled by Mary Ellen herself!
That is so exciting!  Mary Ellen is an inspiration to us all.  She had a bad stroke when Nina was just over two and it took over a year to get back to training (and even walking!).
She diligently pressed on with Nina's obedience career, getting her BN, CD, CDX, GO.  Then on to Utility training.  She had to overcome her difficulty in comprehension and speech while in the ring, remnants of her stroke.  But she kept at it.  On July 26th, they entered the ring and qualified for their first Utility A leg for a 3rd place!  The next day, while walking into the building, Mary Ellen tripped and broke her hip.  She was taken to the hospital in the ambulance, her husband accompanying her.  They left Nina with a friend and asked her to take her in and show her.  Mary Ellen's friend/trainer couldn't take her in because she can only show in the B classes.  So another friend offered to take her in, a stranger to Nina.  She started warming up Nina and realized they didn't have any articles....Nina's set had gone to the hospital in Mary Ellen's husband's car.  So they drummed up a set of articles, practiced a minute with them, and off into the ring they went.  Showing how stable a dog Nina is, they not only qualified, but placed 1st with a 197!!!
Never one to give up, Mary Ellen went back in the ring in November and finished Nina's UD with another 1st place!!!   WAHOO!!!
She is now known as Topmast Nina Travelyn Girl BN UD GO.
What a team!

We are so proud of them.  

Nina heading home

11 months old

8 weeks

Nina and Abby meeting for the first time, along with Mary Ellen, of course!

Everybody's thrilled with the meeting!

One year old

Mary Ellen, Abbey, and Nina doing what they do best....Travelyn!!!