*********Topmast Comin' About Karli********* U-JJ CD BN RAE NA NAJ NF OAP OJP DS WC CCA CGC TDI

Karli retrieving her birds


Doing therapy work with the kids

 Karli (Ms Peanut or Turquoise) joined Myra Globuschutz and her husband Joe and two sons Aaron and Alax here in Michigan.  Karli also has Keagan for her big 'brother'.  Keagan is a cousin to our Kerri and our Chime's nephew.  Karli has joined Keagan in agility with Myra and having a good time.

Karli is named after the phrase "comin' about' which means the sail on a sailing ship that comes about to the correct position.


June 10, 2012

Myra and Karli get their WC (Working Certificate)


This is Myra's first field event and field title ever.  Very impressive.

Karli become the dam of our Liquor Litter in 2014.  

See their webpage to see 

the Liquor Litter pups.

Liquor Litter pups