Liquor Litter enjoying the outdoors. They are 4.5 weeks old and ready to take on the world....almost.

Hey, what's this new green stuff??

Phew, we are free!

Oh thank goodness, mom is here for lunch.

It smells so good.


Did somebody say lunch!

Outdoor dining.

Such a good momma.

That was delicious!

Any more?

Okay, let's go exploring.

Hmmm, this is such fun.

Cousin Diamond watching over the pups.

Well, do I want to go back in the basket or hang out here.....big decision.

Oh my, this grass smells so nice and fresh!

Do you need any extra cleaning?

Ms Yellow and Kerri sharing a secret.

Wait, I have more to tell you!

A tender moment between Aunt Kerri and Ms Purple.

Ok, time is up.

Hey there!

And we're off!

Okay, maybe not too far.

Hey, is anybody else coming too?

Okay, let's check out over here.

Hey, what are they doing over there!

Secrets between cousins.

Wow, that was some secret.

Quick, I've got the leaf.

Quick....let's make a break for it.


This grass smells so good.

Tastes good too.

Hey, she said don't eat the grass!

Cute boy.

Do I smell something?

Maybe in here...

I'm innocent!

Check out my profile.

I'm so darn cute!

Here I come, ready or not!

That was exhausting.

Thank goodness for Aunties.

Aunt Chime showing how to chew on sticks.

Grandma won't let me have any sticks.

Hey, she's got a stick!

Gonna have to find one of my own.

Must be one around here somewhere near this tree.

Getting tired.

Time to go in....we're sleepy.