*******Gaylan's Brass Fire 'n Ice*******





   Bryce, who was Mr Yellow, stayed here in Michigan and joined Jo and Anne near Lansing.  He gets to go to work with Jo every day and have long woods walks behind their house when they are home.  We get to see Bryce about once a month and it's been fun watching him grow into a handsome young man.  We have managed to get Jo and Anne away from the golf course and they have obtained their
first AKC title in agility with Bryce!
  There is a story behind Bryce's name.  He is named after Bryce Canyon, a place that Anne and Jo have visited, and to honor Bryce's sire Canyon.  But Jo and Anne say the name Brass Fire 'n Ice just sounded like it went well for Bryce.  But they have totally denied knowing that Fire 'n Ice is the name of a golf club.

Don't worry....I won't touch the yellow...it's HOT!!

Bryce and his sister Chime finishing their NAJ's together!

His first agility Q!!

Favorite sport---chewing sticks!

Two year old birthday

Bryce and Jo learning agility together

Looking like his momma!

At the Michigan ice break

Checking out the river

Look at those weavepoles!

Beautiful Bryce!

Having birthday cake with sister Chime and Momma Abbi

Going home at 9 weeks old

Bryce and his cute little brother Hayden