Photo Album

Trapper, Lynn and Paul, and Beau, getting ready to head off to Virginia.

A young Trapper trying to grow into his feet.

Trapper and Beau and a friend having a tug-of-war.

Trapper and a friend at the park.

Trapper thought his mom put this sand in his litter box just for him to have something to play in while she was gone.

Trapper sharing his neighbor's pool.

Trapper and Beau, Fall 2005

Trapper and Beau, Christmas 2005

Trapper and Beau at the park.

Trapper sure looks like Abbi in this picture!

Trapper LOVES his soccer ball!

Anybody want to play soccer?

Trapper sitting on a log in the park.

Trapper looks so much like his momma.

Trapper at 10 months.

Trapper has his serious face on, per Lynn, but we think he looks so handsome.

Look at all those ribbons for Trapper getting his first title Rally 1!!

Trapper and Beau, June 2007

Fall 2007

Say Cheese!

Still smiling!

Gaylan's Sound of Music RL1

  Trapper lived with Lynn and Paul Munch, and their other golden Ms Scout in Virginia.
  Lynn and Paul were in the Army with Gayle and Andy and owned another of the Gaylan's golden, Gaylan's Winter Koral WC, while in the Army and living in Germany.
  Trapper went for long walks with Lynn every day.  He and Ms Scout become good buddies.  He also learned to become friends with Lynn's dad's cat that came to live with them.  That's a golden for you!

  Trapper gets his name from the musical Sound of Music, which was based on the lives of the musical singing von Trapp family. 

On Feb 18, 2007, Trapper and Lynn obtained their first title, an ADPT Rally Novice title.  What a great team they were. 

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