Space Litter Day 5 & 6

A train of puppies

Ms Burgundy and her spot on her forehead

Mr Tan and his tongue

Mr Steel Blue propped on his little pillow

Ahhhhh....this is nice.

Opposite colored bookends.

Ms Rainbow tired out.

But I don't want my picture taken!

Ahhhh....this makes my belly feel so good (Mr Tan).

Ms Pink out for the count, dreaming about being as big as her brothers!

Am I just not the sweetest looking thing!

There is comfort in snuggling....

Am I part Sharpei.....look at my wrinkles..

Petite and sweet!

We're exhausted from all that eating....

Let's see....I am lighter in color, so I must be Mr Steel Blue (who looks like his Grandpa Canyon).

The littlest face must be Ms Dark Pink!

Clean up time!

Aug 6, 2012--

The pups are doing great. They are all gaining weight and becoming little pudgy things. Chime is feeling comfortable leaving them for short periods now. She's a great momma and gets in and out of the box so carefully.

The pups are handling their Bio-Sensor exercises great, especially the new scents. Last night, they got to smell Bag Balm.  Tonight it was pine tree. It's so funny watching them squirming around while you hold them, then freeze and sniff the scent that is under their nose. You can see the little brain cells firing, trying to figure out what changed. Considering that they are blind and deaf and smell is their main sense right now, it is fun to watch it develop. Of course, they also use that sense of smell to know that their momma has returned and brought their dinner with her too.

They can scooch all over the box now, and considering that it's 4' x 6', that's a considerable amount of scooching.

More pictures are posted too. Enjoy!