Topmast Hunting Litter

Chili x Clipper

  June 18th, 2022  

The "Hunting" Litter
SHR Topmast Hot ‘N Spicy Chili BN RA JH (12/18/2017-)
HRCH Wynwood’s Storm Warning MH20** (10/2/2017-)
6 males, 1 female
Puppies and their owners:
  • Topmast Hunting for Peanuts (Schroeder), Amy & Emily Barr-Tickle, MI
  • Topmast Gin Hunter (Gin), Katrina Lexa & Caleb Bates, CA
  • Topmast Hunting for Greenlights ALLRIGHTA (McHew), Therese & David Leafstedt, NC
  • Topmast Hunting for Treasures (Hobbes), Chelse & Jeff Wagner, WI
  • Topmast Hunting the Red Thread (Reddi), Barbara Croy, IN
  • Topmast Hunt for the Cup (Ryder), Bob & Susan Young, CT
  • Topmast The Hunt at Windsor Castle (Windsor), Jim Peterson, IN


See their individual pages for each puppy.