The Music Litter (4/28/2005)

Abbi cleaning her new babies.

Everybody quiet-Day 3

Such black noses!

Piper is trying to figure out where those puppies go when they get under the pigrail :-)

Juice (Mr Navy Blue) and Paula, heading off to Massachusetts.

Mr Navy Blue, stacked at 7 weeks.

Shiloh (Mr Light Blue) and Linda, getting ready to head out to Shiloh's new home in OH.

Mr Light Blue stacked at 7 weeks.

Bing (Mr Purple) heading off with Barbara Holly, Tony, and Tucker to Long Island, NY.

Mr Purple stacked at 7 weeks.

Emma (Ms Creamsicle) heading off with Beth and George, to hunt upland game with their English Setter, Rigby, in NJ.

A stacked Ms Creamsicle at 7 weeks.

Bryce (Mr Yellow) heading back to Michigan with Jo and Ann.

Mr Yellow stacked at 7 weeks.

Chime (Ms Raspberry) coming back to live with Pat & Tom and her dam Abbi, and Piper.

Ms Raspberry getting weighed in the breadpan.

Ms Raspberry stacked at 7 weeks.

Fenway (Mr Green) getting ready to join Thomas, Gordon, and their parents Kevin and Diane in CT.

Mr Green and Piper having a little talk.

Mr Green stacked at 7 weeks.

Luci (Ms Rainbow) and Fred, setting off to join Eileen and the six year old twins, Mia and Sam, in MA.

Ms Rainbow stacked at 7 weeks.

Trapper (Mr White) with Paul and Lynn, and Beau, heading off to Virginia.

Mr White stacked at 7 weeks.

Exhausting work, nursing these babies.

Ms Creamsicle enjoying the cuddle bed.

Aunt Piper playing with a pup.

A flower formed by puppies eating supper.

Sleeping beauties.

Learning to swim with mom and Aunt Gayle.

The Music Litter (8 out of 9 pups, and Abbi, at the Gaylan's Reunion July 2006.

The Music Litter
April 28, 2005

Here are pictures of the Abbi and Canyon puppies, known as the Music Litter.  There are pictures of the pups going to their new homes, along with their new owners.  We'll post new pictures on their own individual pages as they develop into adults.
  We had such a good time having this litter of puppies and everything went so well.  We are looking forward to watching them grow up.
  Just click on the pictures to see them up close or click on their own webpage to see how they are doing.
Or check out their pictures of the
Music Litter pups all grown up.