********Gaylan's Finnegan's Rainbow******** MX MXJ OF NAC O-NJC TNN CGC



                 (Mr. Sapphire)

  Finn lived with the Zgoda family in New York.  He did agility with Teri and with Sue. 
    Finn also shared his home with his "uncle" Scout, Abbi's brother.  

  Finnegan's Rainbow is a book that was turned into a play.

  Check out Finn's pictures below to see how much fun he had with the Zgoda family and Uncle Scout.


Congratulations to Sue and Finn on finishing their MX & MXJ!  And this is with very limited showing, because of Sue's busy schedule.  What a boy!

Gaylan's Finnegan's Rainbow

Finn's new AKC Novice Agility new Title ribbon

Teri and Finn getting their first Q in NADAC Agility with a First Place!

Finn and Uncle Scout Summer 09

Celebrating St Patrick's Day at one year old

Learning agility with Teri and Scout

Curly coat as an adolescent

Scout and Finn in their Irish scarves

Mr Sapphire and his pigeon

No, it's mine!

Stacked shot at 8 weeks

8 week old face pic

Heading home with the Zgoda family