Gemstones celebrating July 4th

Looks like this chair is worth chewing on.
Looks like this chair is worth chewing on.

   Chime's precious Gem's spent the holiday weekend with lots of visitors, learning to dig holes in the dirt to find a cool spot, and chewing on whatever they could find close and interesting.  They met their Uncle's Bryce and Hayden and enjoyed all the visitors this week.
   They started on real food late last week and have good appetites so far.  They took right to the raw food with gusto and haven't missed a beat.  Of course, they still want their momma and think she's the best food yet!  They are 8 1/2 - 9 lbs, with Minnie-Pearl coming in at 7.5 lbs. 
  They are starting to catch on to the whistle at food time and maybe, just maybe, the following gene has started to kick in....if you can get them past the a-frame and dogwalk and out into the field!  Several pups have climbed almost to the top of the lowered A-frame without fear and have had to be pulled off of it.
  Enjoying the digging pictures.  We are working on having them really trained to be good diggers by the time they go home. 😎